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Bozeman location is in the Health in Motion Building
3985 Valley Commons Drive, Bozeman, Montana 59718

Butte location is 65 East Broadway St,
Thornton Building, 2nd floor, Suite 217,
Butte, MT 59701

Understanding what I offer: I have grouped my offerings in this way because CranioSacral Therapy can bring up stored emotional issues, and can be very helpful in processing current emotional issues or life stressors. I was finding in my practice that clients are sometimes uncomfortable processing these things on the table, and I wanted to make it feel safer by allowing them to choose what kind of session they want to have before coming in. The client can always change the type of session they want at any point. It is very important for me to support a person’s wellness and healing in the way that they are most comfortable with, and that they feel is most helpful.

  • Physical session: A combination of whichever body-based therapy you would prefer to have, or seems appropriate to use in a session, in order to work with a specifically physical issue or issues, including, but not limited to CranioSacral Therapy, Neural Manipulation, and Therapeutic Massage.


  • Emotional processing session: I am not a therapist. That being said, I have substantial training in supporting body-based emotional processing and release, spiritual growth, and helping you find your own answers and wisdom. In an emotional processing session you may have a specific issue you want to work with, or you may just be very open to whatever comes up on your path of healing.

  • General session: Any combination of physical and/or emotional work that comes up or that you would like addressed.


  • Health Consult: A 30 to 60-minute session where we discuss your health concerns, symptoms, the information/treatment you have (or have not) received from healthcare providers, and I provide you with as much information and as many resources as I can. The 60-minute session will also include a physical assessment of muscle and/or joint pain you might be having. Almost 20 years in Western medicine, most of it as an Emergency Room nurse, and 10 years in alternative and holistic medicine puts me in a unique position to understand how frustrating it can be to navigate the healthcare system, especially when you are:


  • Not getting any straightforward answers

  • Are getting conflicting answers, opinions, or diagnoses 

  • Are not receiving any treatments that help your condition 

  • Have received treatments that have actually made things worse.


I have a large toolbox of resources, and a good list of providers I trust, and I am always working to develop this further. You can find many of these resources on my Resources page.  

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