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Payment Options

In an effort to provide affordable CranioSacral Therapy to all members of our community I am offering sliding scale fee options and accepting other methods of payment as follows:


If you are unable to pay my rates, you have the option to pay what you are able. 


Do you make something, grow something, or have a trade or profession that you would like to exchange for CST? I am interested in trades!


Keep in mind these options only apply to CST sessions, or sessions that are predominantly CST. 


If money is something you have a lot of and this speaks to you, feel free to pay more than what I charge as this helps me be more flexible with my pricing.  


If you would like to make a donation specifically to help me provide more affordable CST to the community in addition to your payment, please let me know so I can allocate it appropriately.


If you are interested in alternate payment options, please contact me prior to your session.

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